Oh My Forever

Welcome to Oh My Forever. This site is a personal icon and fanart collection created and maintained by Jessa. Here I create 125x125 pixeled icons mostly from my favorite tv series but I also do make icons of celebrities, movies and others as well. Fanart banners are almost always my favorite tv relationships. I try and update something daily so be sure to bookmark this site and follow on twitter.

The Girl

autumn • iced coffee • tv series • naps • mexican food • cleaning • pink • organizing everything • chai tea • hot baths • lush • starbucks • chipotle • hobby lobby • farmhouse • lists • reading • pretty pens

9-1-1 • all my children • beverly hills 90210 • chicago fire • chicago med • criminal minds • csi • dallas • dawsons creek • felicity • gilmore girls • glee • gossip girl • greek • law and order: svu • one tree hill • pretty little liars • riverdale • the oc • the vampire diaries

ryan and madison (amc) • amanda and jake (amc) • hope and wyatt (bb) • rick and caroline (bb) • deacon and quinn (bb) • wyatt and ivy (bb) • ben and ciara (dool) • brady and theresa (dool) • jj and theresa (dool) • claire and tripp (dool) • jj and gabi (dool) • eli and lani (dool) • nicole and eric (dool) • jennifer and eric (dool) • chad and abby (dool) • ej and abby (dool) • johnny and lulu (gh) • sonny and carly (gh) • jason and elizabeth (gh) • bill and lizzie (gl) • jonathan and tammy (gl) • danny and marina (gl) • sharon and nick (yr) • chelsea and adam (yr) • phyllis and billy (yr)

abby and buck (9-1-1) • brenda and dylan (bh90210) • kelly and brandon (bh90210) • david and donna (bh90210) • dylan and valerie (bh90210) • david and valerie (bh90210) • dylan and gina (bh90210) • gina and david (bh90210) • antonio and sylvie (chicago fire/pd) • jj and will (criminal minds) • rebecca and john ross (dallas) • pacey and joey (dawsons creek) • ben and felicity (felicity) • rory and logan (gilmore girls) • lorelai and luke (gilmore girls) • puck and quinn (glee) • casey and cappie (greek) • peyton and lucas (oth) • nathan and haley (oth) • hanna and caleb (pll) • betty and jughead (riverdale) • ryan and marissa (the oc) • seth and summer (the oc) • alex and marissa (the oc) • sandy and kirsten (the oc) • damon and elena (tvd) • klaus and caroline (tvd) • caroline and stefan (tvd) • katherine and stefan (tvd)

elizabeth webber (gh) • hope logan (bb) • madison north (amc) • tammy layne (gl) • lizzie spaulding (gl) • sharon newman (yr) • chelsea lawson (yr) • abby deveraux (dool) • ciara brady (dool) • claire brady (dool) • theresa donovan (dool) • nicole walker (dool) • caroline spencer (bb)